CH 10 of TDD

The code for Chapter 10 – “Interesting Times” – is not on GitHub.

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Ch 9 of code for TDD

Currently on GitHub

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Ch 8 code for Tdd now on GitHub

The code for Chapter 8 of TDD by Beck is now on GitHub.

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TDD by Beck – Chapter 7 code on Git

The code for Chapter 7 – Apples and Oranges has been checked into GitHub.

CH 7 – Apples and Oranges
Here, comparing Francs and Dollars (within the Equals) method was a curiousity that was on the task list.
It was an objection – so a test was created, which failed.
This meant getting to green – through a Java mechanism, not a domain (finance) mechanism.
A bit uncomfortable as a solution – but not enough of a motivation to refactor the design just yet – so it is not perfect, but it will suffice for now.

Feedback is welcome.

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JBoss not connecting on: http://localhost:8080/

If you are running JBoss for the first time, and try and open the standard URL http://localhost:8080/ and find that it does not work, then the issue is likely to be the interface that the server is listening on.

The solution is outlined here this thread – where you have to add other interfaces to the standalone.xml in order to make them accessible.


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Ch 6 of Beck

Is a work in progress at the moment…. and has now been made available on GitHub.

It contains some commented code, so that you can revert and walk through the steps that are outlined, if needed.

Comments and questions are welcome.


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Chapter 5 of Beck – Franc-ly speaking

Chapter 5 of the code for TDD by Beck – is now on GitHub

Comments welcome.


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