TDD by Beck – Chapter 11 code on Git

The code for Chapter 11 (“The root of all Evil”) of TDD by Beck is now available on GitHub.

The commit notes on Git are as follows:


The intent is to remove the Dollar/Franc duplication.
Removed Dollar - and checked for references to Franc.
There were some - though the tests were sufficiently covered elsewhere that it was not worth keeping the testDifferentClassEquality.
At the same time the "testFrancMultiplication" - can be removed - though I would advocate keeping it, personally.

Beck says that no system confidence is lost if you remove it - and as the system is relatively well understood, that is okay, in more complex cases, this may not always be the case.
 Redundant code is important to remove at the same time - keeps things clean and limited to what you need, and what you want to spend time reviewing.
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