Publishing your mvn-site page

MkYong has a nice post on how to Enable WebDAV on Apache – under Windows in particular. This is used in the case where you would want to take the output of the mvn site:deploy and send it to a Web Server.

An interesting aside that arose from this, was the fact that you may end up placing plain text passwords in your settings.xml file.
There is a mechanism that can limit this (or rather obfuscate it a little) – which is the use of the “settings-security.xml” file. Tim O’Brien has posted a very clear explanation on Sonatype about it.

In Summary.

  • create a master password
  • put it into the “settings-security.xml” file
  • use the command “mvn -encrypt-password” to encrypt all future passwords
  • Place those encrypted passwords in the settings-security.xml file.
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